Interview Agustín Vargas González councilor (IU)

Interview Agustín Vargas González councilor (IU)


Agustín Vargas González councilor sports, parties and youth from Manilva Town Hall

This young party member of Izquierda Unida from 2010, Graduated in Tourism and father of one daughter, has a clear idea that the individuals in local institution ranking positions should not also have high ranking responsibilities in the political organization they are part of.  In a kind and relaxed manner, he does not hold back and answers all the questions asked, he is convinced that he cannot please everyone but he is trying and he is listening to people, because he is certain, us politicians also commit errors. 

Although our interview was set to talk about the areas he is running, we cannot help asking about the “strength of the council agreement, between Compromiso Manilva and Partido Popular in this term, after removing from the Mayor´s office, the Socialist Party of Manilva.
The strength of our agreement is a good one, with normal differences in criteria in some matters, but it is positive, so much so, that if I am asked, I would ratify it for another four years.  
So, you are confirming you would ratify the agreement after the elections in 2019?
It is sad that outside matters to the municipal management can affect individuals and distract the attention from a work well done, without the presumption of innocence we should all have, and which some were claiming when in power and are doing an opposition work out of place and out of order.   
Was your agreement with the Socialist Party that bad? Why did that pact break?
As I said, in the current coalition we can work for our town from any area, without a doubt we are far from the old way of working and a lot happier, compared to the pact with the socialists where the Mayor limited our work, causing a total paralysis, affecting Manilva and which could not be sustained a minute more, and I am only talking as a work matter, nothing personal.
You are in charge of two areas which cover a great number of visitors and residents, there is an issue with the limited number of parking.
You are right, great numbers of visitors and residents attend our entertainment and sports activities and we are working nonstop in improving the issues of parking. 
We are considering solutions to what is, without a doubt it is one of the greatest issues we have in our town, especially in Sabinillas.
We are concluding the opening of the Sabinillas Campus  Parking, for future dates, with an administrative concession for three years and being opened 365 days a year, with 328 necessary parking spaces, adding to this the Parking   Mikonos in Duquesa Port with a similar concession procedure.
In the holiday period, it has been proved that this service wasn’t enough and important parking spaces have been lost.
As I was saying, from the council team we are working every day in finding solutions for our residents and I will give you some news, although is not my story to tell, becauseof the issue of limited places in Sabinillas, my colleague Antonio Barragan is finalizing, together with the Mayor´s office, an agreement.
We thank you, but I believe our residents and thousands of tourists visiting our area will thank you even more. Tell us the news.
I can inform that practically we have an agreement with the owner of two private lands, currently fenced in Sabinillas, and they will soon be opened, most likely before summer. Together with this we will also reform the Miraflores Street so we can include more parking spaces and as a study project, we are considering building a three-story Car Park in the Plaza de los Escritores.
Your initiative of celebrating the Ferias in the three areas of the town and in the centre, lead to the desire of many residents to claim moving the Sunday Market to Sabinillas. Is that possible, are you considering it?
No, definitely not, but this is not because of a whim, it has nothing to do with the feria and some little disturbances, which are accepted and controlled in time. We have studied this matter and we will continue doing so, but the studies show that by moving it, will reduce the number of stalls and will trouble many families, also the noise early in the morning during the weekend, plus the negative reports from the Local Police, Fire Department and The Ministry itself.
On the subject of parties, will you keep the three ferias as last year?
Yes, on behalf of the department I run, we will maintain the celebration in the three areas and we hope it will have the same success, if not more, compared to last year.    
You look very at ease in your departments, do you enjoy being councilor for Entertainments and Sports?  
It is not easy being a councilor in Manilva, I personally lived complicated situations, I remember when we modified the Vendimia system, we were told we ruined the celebration…and it was the opposite, we transformed what used to be “drinking” on the streets into a real celebration, but to answer your question, I am proud of working for our neighbors in the entertainment and sports areas, it is the base for the education of our youth. 
Did you put the “not that younger ones” on the entertainment map?
We had a lot of complaints from people of this age who could not find their place and we had to listen to them and from our department, contribute, and without a doubt the activities for those not that young are a complete success.
A lot of people miss big concerts. Did you ever consider them?
It is true that we are lacking three or four important events, but we are talking about big bucks that the Town Hall cannot pay, although this year, we will have an event with a well-known name.  
Can you let us know what it is about? Give us another first news.
During the Dog Fair, an activity which has been growing and improving day after day, we will have the performance of “Ecos del Rocio”, on the 22nd April, it is a small step which we will use as example.  
You also run the Sports´ Department. Tell us a few words about it.
Sports is the crown´s jewel, it’s a very rewarding department, in all aspects, team work, efforts and dedication given by many, sometimes in a voluntary manner and serving to shape our youngsters in education and discipline, sports without its clubs will not be possible and that is why I would like to thank their effort and dedication, I try and collaborate from behind the scenes, there are so many, that I cannot name them all here, but I would like to let them know, that without their work, none of this would be possible, from the Town Hall and the Mancomunidad we are all working together.   
You seem so proud when talking about this area. Is there anything you are missing?
Yes, there is, a football team which could represent Manilva at a higher level, at the celebration of the Malaga Campus we missed it, we missed a team, colors and an elite player, although we have amazing players but as you know football is the king of sports and someone as an example would have helped inspire the young ones and make us proud, but we will be working towards it.  
Your department has managed to get an NBA Basketball Campus, this does not come easy.
It was a proposal which came to the Town Hall from the FEB, we studied it and worked on it, we received the visit from the manager of the campus, you covered the story, they reviewed our installations and he was very happy with them, all was needed was to put it in place and this department and the team made it possible for our young sportsmen, like everything we do in the sports department is due to the work of the team, and the result is placing Manilva on the calendar with this important sports event.
Another success was the opening of the Sabinillas Pool. Is it profitable?
From an economical point of view, it is not profitable, but in health and service for our neighbours it is, currently it is self-sufficient in around 60/70% of the total cost but we want to maintain it and we believe it will eventually manage to sustain itself without extra expense from the town hall. It was a project started around 15 years ago and no one was bold enough to run it. 
PSOE worked on it and wanted to run it, it was one of their projects. 
Before we spoke about paralysis in management, with the previous coalition it would not had been possible, there was no desire in management, development and in starting projects demanded by our neighbors at all times. 
For the finance, it is necessary a good number of members and individuals using the services. 
Currently there are 750 subscribers to the Pool and this figure is just from six months of running, also there are 4.000 members who use our Municipal Sports Schools and Clubs for sports, and we work closely with them.  
Talking about the PSOE and their projects. Will you take to auction the private management of the Sports Campus?  
No, we trust in public management and with it, we will contribute to generating quality and guaranteed employment.   
We are reaching the end of our interview, we did not want to finish without the question asked by many neighbors. Is Sabinillas the ugly duckling?
 his is not further than the truth, Sabinillas is our spoiled girl, the true jewel of the Crown, Sabinillas is full of life, we must change the wrong idea about it, the day we do this we will start seeing the changes and the possibilities of this area, currently we see a lower number in visitors, but there are great possibilities and these are the words of a Tourism Graduate.
We have informed you of the residents´ issues.
I know, we are informed that we are not yet at the level our town deserves, we are working to make the town more beautiful and place it at the level it deserves, we must trust in what we have and who we are, we are working together, at an industrial level, as local institution and with all neighbors we will make Sabinillas a reference on the Costa del Sol.
Do you want to say something we might have forgotten?
I would like to thank our youth for their exemplary behavior in the events we organize, they are an example for the society, this is later seen in sports and education, and would like to say to the people of Manilva that the party I am a member of wants for them the same I want for myself, the best and we are working for it. 
This was our interview with Agustín Vargas, which has left us, without a doubt, with important news and we will continue talking to him about entertainment and sports activities, thank you for your time.



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